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WE34-R230 SICK Standard photoelectric switch Brand New


WE34-R230 SICK Standard photoelectric switch  Brand New
  • NO.: WE34-R230
  • Weight: 140gram
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WE34-R230 SICK Standard photoelectric switch NEW

Product Description:

Sturdy plastic housing

High operating reserve in visible red light

M 16 screw fixing or equipment plug rotatable by 90°

Selectable time delay, optional


Scanning range, typ. max.

0 to 60 m



Light source 1), light type

LED; red light

Light spot diameter

Approx. 700 mm at a distance of 50 m

Angle of dispersion/angle of reception


Supply voltage VS

12 to 240 V DC 2), 24 to 240 V AC 3)

Power consumption

< 2 VA

Switching output

Relay SPDT isolated 4)

Max. switching voltage

250 V AC/120 V DC

Max. switching current

4 A/240 V AC, 4 A/100 W DC

Max. switching capacity

1000 VA AC/100 VA DC

Response time

≤ 10 ms

Max. switching frequency 5)


Time delay

Adjustable, 0.5 to 10 s

Connection type

M 16 screw fixing

VDE protection class 6)

Circuit protection 7)

A, C

Enclosure rating

IP 67

Ambient temperature

Operation –40 °C to +60 °C

Storage –40 °C to +75 °C


Approx. 140 g

Housing material



1) Average service life 100,000 h at TA = +25 °C

2) Limit values

3) ± 10 %

4) Provide suitable spark suppression for inductive or capacitive loads

5) With light/dark ratio 1:1

6) Withstand voltage 250 V UC

7) A = VS connections reverse-polarity protected

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