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GL-8H Proximity Sensor Brand New


GL-8H Proximity Sensor  Brand New
  • NO.: GL-8H
  • Weight: 450gram
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  • Shop price: $ 27.0
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GL-8H Panasonic Proximity Sensor NEW

Panasonic Proximity Sensor GL-8H

Product Description:

1.High-performance, low price.

2.Different frequencies of the two sensors, so you can close the installation. Long detection distance GL-18HL (B) and its different frequencies of the GL-18HLI can be installed where the distance of 20mm.

3.The GL-18HL □ distance of up to 12mm. (GL-18H □: 5mm) in China;our is global favorable price to the wholesale industrial control products; such asGL-8H Panasonic Proximity Sensor NEWrelated products:motion sensor, light sensor, car sensor, Tactile sensor, sensors;Designed for:Instrumentation Engineering, Industrial, medical, Electronic test equipment, Analog multimeter, Electronic equipment, motor control, Detector, Nature of the sensor, Biosensors, Data logger, Wireless sensor networks.


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